Why Environmental Health and Safety matters more than ever

Large-scale computing continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, driven largely by increased content creation, consumption, and distribution as well as increased data usage and artificial intelligence applications. It is easy for some data center owners, operators, and developers to focus on achieving scale and geographic expansion while losing sight of the importance of workplace safety and environmental impact during the development process and eventual operation of a data center site.

While growth remains a priority for Skybox Datacenters, we have an unrelenting focus on environmental health and safety. Skybox, Prologis, and Turner Construction are committed to going above and beyond when it comes to construction safety and the impact our projects have on the environment. Turner’s “Building L.I.F.E.” (Living Injury Free Everyday) program entails 25 training programs to focus on key factors to promote safe work environments:

  • Injuries are preventable
  • Perform a job only if it is safe
  • Working safely is a condition of employment
  • Practice and expect safe behavior everywhere, every day

Chief Development Officer Haynes Strader speaks to the importance of a safe environment regarding construction of Skybox Chicago One, Powered by Prologis: “From start to finish on a project, safety is a huge priority for both Skybox and Turner Construction. Whether it’s being prepared for COVID prevention in a pandemic or maintaining absolutely safety onsite to prevent potential injuries or dangerous situations a during construction project... to making sure that once a site is delivered its properly secured, safety remains a top priority for Skybox in everything that we do.”

Promoting safety is not a “one and done” task, but involves continual oversight, risk assessment and mitigation, with new standards, policies and guidelines regularly created and re-evaluated to promote the safest environment possible. As a project goes on, human nature can allow for comfort with a process or program which can lead to mistakes, but Turner’s relentless EHS focus and enforcement ensures policies are upheld with consistent communication across all levels of a team.

Check out our video to learn more about how Skybox Chicago One, Powered by Prologis, with the help of Turner Construction, is ensuring safe construction procedures while keeping to delivery schedules.